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Answers to commonly asked questions

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go to top arrow Computer requirements

Pure SEO-CMS will run on any Windows PC (95 is no longer supported)

Mac Duos work fine in Windows mode.

The websites it creates will work on any server and can have any valid extension.

As with all programs you should regularly backup your data and website files.

go to top arrow Now XML not Access database

From version 3.50 the website content is held in an XML database not MS Access.

A conversion function is included within the software.

The XML file can be opened in notepad if requried.

go to top arrow How to upload files to the Internet

The FTP section is automatic system was designed to be quick and simple but lacks flexibility. Experienced users may like to use a traditional FTP program. There are many free or low cost programs available.

You may need to include subdirectories on your server so check with your host if you have problems connecting.

go to top arrow Improving website performance

There are lots of factors that will greatly effect your website's performance.

See our performance optimization site for full details

go to top arrow Improving website quality control, accessibility and validation

All Pure SEO-CMS templates are checked for compliance with the latest accessibility and international design standards. We recommend that all Pure SEO-CMS sites are regularly checked on the W3C site as part of your ongoing quality control.

The FREE or full versions of will also help check for validation errors.

go to top arrow Getting to grips with template design and CSS

Any competent website designer should be able to modify the basic Pure SEO CMS template to create a completely unique design.

However, CSS design is much more difficult than HTML in WYSIWYG editors. Small changes can be easy but getting big designs to work in all browsers is specialist stuff. Either leave it to experts or take the time to learn CSS.

Don't over design you sites; research has shown that a simple and consistent format works best. Following the traditional website layout means that readers know instantly where to look to find the information they want. Try to maintain this proven technique to your website design e.g. top, side and bottom menus, clear title and headings with lots of small, readable text blocks.

The advanced section explains how to build alternating design graphics etc.

go to top arrow Program freezes when building or does not build properly

The program will only freeze for one of two reasons.


There is too much text in one paragraph or on one page. The limits are around ten book pages but remove some text to check if this is a possible cause.


When the template structure or information is not correct. This should only happen if the custom template tags have be incorrectly modified.

Reset the program's default template which is called template.htm and is located in the directory that the program is installed in. If you have edited this file yourself then undo your changes until it works correctly again.

go to top arrow Reducing file size and adding layout variations.

If your site runs into many hundreds of pages or you want to add some variations or common text blocks then you could try using the .shtml include function. This will only work on a proper web server but can produce some worthwhile benefits.

go to top arrow Version update details

Released start of Jan 2003 at version 1.03 (earlier versions were for testing only)

2.0 Mar 04 Basic version free. Multiple web projects added

2.10 Feb06 CSS Wizard added. Templates improved, new code generators.

2.21 Aug 06 New FTP section, user interface and graphic text generator.

2.50 Oct 06 Complete new operating system. Buggy before 2.50c

2.51 Nov 06 New column layout generator.

2.60 Feb 07 Improved re-branding for other developers.

3.00 Nov 07 Phase 1 of major upgrade. New Unlock

3.50 Jan 08 XML not Access database.

3.51 Jan 08 Javascript drop down menu added

4.11 July14 Now 100% free and working with any language characters

You simply need to download the current version to update your program to the latest standard. We recommend that you make a backup copy or rename all files listed in the setup screen although new files should not over write these.

Some planned developments include:-

Just keeping it free and growing.

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