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Select the Style Editor button to enter this screen (not possible in safe mode)

stylesheet editorlive demo button

go to top arrow Instant design changes

See the build website section to make instant design changes using the design selector.

Extra designs are availble if you upgrade to the full version.

go to top arrow Template and stylesheets control how the website looks

The website design and content are 100% separate. You can make and site look completely different by simply applying a new template and/or stylesheets.

The template is called for in the setup page.

The default style sheets used by Pure SEO-CMS are called "styletext.css", "stylelayout.css" and "stylecolor.css" for controlling text and layout and colour respectively. These must not be removed from the root (default is \www) directory as they work in conjunction with the appropriate template. If you do change the website root directory then you will also need to move these files.

go to top arrow CSS design wizard make changes easy

If you don't want to learn to code then you can create your own designs using the free CSS wizard that has been designed to work in conjunction with Pure SEO CMS. Download the CSS generator program and follow each simple step.

go to top arrow Changing colours, layouts and text fonts etc.

Use the style editor section to make changes to the website design.

Any template and stylesheets can be used provided the Pure SEO CMS custom tags are added instead of the text.

See the advanced section of this site for more information.

go to top arrow Modifying your style sheet yourself

Often dramatic changes to the look of your site can be made by making only simple changes to the websites style sheet. The style sheet contains a simple list of elements, properties and values. Although the syntax is critical they are written if fairly plain English so it is not difficult to see how to change the body {background-color: rgb(0,0,0);} to body {background-color: rgb(255,255,255);}

The style sheet editor in Pure SEO-CMS makes this quite easy.

First select the stylecolor.css file in the top left list (1) to load the style information.

To modify or add new properties, right click on the style sheet and use the menu to add the appropriate code. Colours and pictures will be loaded automatically.

go to top arrow How to learn style sheet codes

A list of common commands can be found by right clicking on the style sheet editor but all commands are provided at

Please note that to keep the site accessible to people with disabilities it is important that some of the style sheet features are not changed, e.g. text sizes as 'em' allows users to enlarge the text if they need to.

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