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How to configure the photo album

Download FREE SEO website builder with built in photo album generator

go to top arrow Photo album generator hidden scripts

As with all aspect of Pure SEO-CMS, it is designed to be easy for beginners to use but difficult for them to change the design and layout. However, once you know where the hidden files are kept it should be easy for any experienced html coders to configure these setup files to do whatever you want.

go to top arrow IFrame window used to add the photo album

When you build the photo album an albumscript.txt file, contained within the default directory (see the setup screen in Pure SEO-CMS to find out where this is located) is used to place the IFrame in the web page.

The name of the first page and frame sizes are added by the photo album generator program.

go to top arrow Photo album template

The photo album generator uses a single template to control the layout of the pages in the album. The thumbnail menu section is removed when no menu is required.

The exact code for the picture format is controlled by an albumpicture.txt file in the default directory. This is the same approach that is used for the pictures in the article sections.

The basic Pure SEO-CMS program only contains one template example but more may be available via the extra resource for full program users.

Alternately simply copy and modify the example template to create your own layouts.

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