Setting up your website project

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Access the setup options via the top Setup folder button

labelled menu screenlive demo button

go to top arrow Switch safe mode on or off

safe mode switch

Go to Setup using the top tabs

The check boxes on the left hand side control what changes can be made to the website and program setup.

go to top arrow Add your company details

setup option

Click the 'Website details' toolbar to enter your company name, website and email address.

live demo button

go to top arrow Adding the FTP setting

ftp setup

Click the 'FTP setup' toolbar to enter your ftp settings.

The ftp address, username and password will be given to you by your website host or ISP.

go to top arrow Setting up your website project

Click the 'Project setup' button to show how and where the website is being built.

We also recommend you print out the project setting for later reference if anything gets accidentally changed.

live demo button

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