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Learn how to make a free website with this optimized website builder

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Anyone can create professional quality websites

Can double website traffic

Quick and simple and maintain your website

Fast, secure, fully optimized pages

» Download here - 100% FREE program and not much for extra designs

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Benefits compared to WYSIWYG editors include:-

» Up to 90% quicker when building large sites.

» Unskilled users can easily enter and update the content themselves.

» Automation routines allow impressive alternating graphic designs.

» Much easier to update a website to a completely new standard or design.

» Load tables from any spreadsheet.

» Easy to place advanced code files such as PayPal shop links etc.

Benefits compared to online Content Management solutions include:-

» Much, much quicker to setup and update.

» Will work on any server, with any page extension.

» More reliable and secure than an online database.

» More powerful and easy to use, PC based user interface.

» Includes spell checker and full site preview before release.

» Very flexible and can use any template and run part or all of a site.

» More cost effective than using open source software.

Designing modern sites with any WYSIWYG editors is no longer possible for a beginner, nor practical for experts. Some people have switched to basic blogging or online content management but Pure SEO-CMS's capability represents the best way to design a modern website.

Pure SEO CMS was formally Superblogging.

Example Pure SEO-CMS web sites

Understand how Pure SEO-CMS works

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