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Powerful CSS grid based CMS layout system

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go to top arrow CSS grid based layout

grid controls

Turn the CSS grid system on and you can set the width of each paragraph (from version 3.60).

Adding 1/4 width paragraphs for example will float each paragraph next to one another. If you specify a new row in the second drop down list then the next paragraph will start on a new row.

WARNING! This system requires the CSS grid to be specified in the CSS files and template. Not all old templates will have these codes so you may have to copy them from our standard files. See the advanced tutorials or ask you template designer.

go to top arrow All text in two or more columns

All text in two or more columns

Click the columns menu then change the columns number to layout all paragraphs on that page in that many columns.

go to top arrow Local area layout changes

Local area layout changes

The column generator will layout text in columns

The layout designer is opened via the auto code generator button.

Highlight existing code or script marker to open it within the column layout generator.

Floating right

Evenly spaced

Up to 3 or 4 columns

go to top arrow Other ways to change layout and control text flow

All layouts are controlled by the CSS Stylesheets. If you know how you can change these in the style editor, if not ask your template designer to modify them for you.

You can also layout data using the table generator or control the picture locations via the default picture text codes.

As you can see we have also set the text up to flow around the images on the right. You will need to know some CSS to do this or copy our example code. Full code snippets to make text flow around an image are provided in the advanced section of this site.

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