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How to add custom table designs into your website

go to top arrow Adding Tables

Tables can be embedded as simple text files or generated using the table generator.

go to top arrow Changing the default table styles

Each table created using the table code generator is controlled:-

1. Text files in the default-tablestyles directory

2. The website style sheet entries.

Different style types can be selected from within the table code generator e.g. the plain_table.txt file has all cells the same but the table+head.txt file has a different design for the top row. These are selected from the drop down list selector in the table code generator.

The styles themselves are set within the stylelayout.css style sheet. For example the top row of the table is given the style specified in the .top_row style line.

go to top arrow Changing the default table designs

The default table scripts are text files stored in the default/tablestyles directory within the directory where the Pure SEO-CMS program has been installed. If you open the text file table+head+botm.txt you will see a standard INI file layout that describes the table heading, cell and last row etc.

If you follow this structure you can create new files that will generate tables exactly as you require. For example replacing the headrow= 'tr' with headrow= 'tr bgcolor="blue"' would give you a blue table heading colour.

go to top arrow Custom table designs or set-ups

It is also possible to make more complicated table designs including different background colours, pictures or hyperlinks etc within each cell.

An example of this can be seen by loading the table_custom text file and selecting the custom design layout.

This works by looking at complete line rather that each cell. The default table scripts must be custom written for each table layout but it does mean that the user can simply load their spreadsheet file and convert it into any table layout.

When you create the default table script you only need to place !--@column1--' etc where you want each column entry to appear.

go to top arrow Importing XML files and converting to html tables

XML files can be imported into the table generator spreadsheet via the New button.

XML imports require a new default\xmlconvert.txt file for each XML file. Copy the example provided and lists only the elements or attributes that you want to be read. These will be placed in the columns in the order called for. This feature has potential for a lot of extra features so please let us know if you need to extend this and we may be able to build it in.

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