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A simple website building guide

How to make a website in five minutes

go to top arrow » Add your own text and pictures

» Add your own text and pictures

Download, install and run Pure SEO CMS

Enter the page Title and Summary in the boxes provided.

Replace our text in the heading and article boxes with your own.

Move to or add new paragraphs using the middle left buttons.

Select another page by clicking on the top left list.

Click to open the menu names toolbar above to rename the pages.

Click 'Build Website' in the top menu bar.

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go to top arrow » Now build your website

»  Now build your website

Press the Build All button to automatically generate the complete website.

Open the design selector button and click a design icon to change the look of your website.

Congratulations! You've now built a top quality website.

live demo link

go to top arrow » Upload files to the Internet

» Upload files to the Internet

When happy with your site push the Upload Website tab.

You'll need a website host although you often get this free with your broadband supplier.

Purchase some website hosting here or buy the 'with hosting' version of this software and we will send you the codes you require.

Enter your ftp pass codes then press Connect followed by Auto FTP Synch, for your site to go live.

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How to find and enter your website text

How to add pictures and videos

How to build your website

How to upload your site to the Internet

How to change the web page layout

Setting up your website project

How to add links, scripts, flash, videos or forms to your website

Graphic text font generator

How to add a table to your website

How to add a photograph album

Custom Code Generators

How to change the design of your website

Sitemaps and Error page generation

Create a CD or .rft text files from website text

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