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You must already understand HTML and CSS to benefit from these facilities

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Full list of special template TAGs

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Full list of custom sitemap TAGs

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go to top arrow Switch between basic content entry and advanced set-up mode

Switch between basic content entry and advanced set-up mode

In basic content entry mode Pure SEO-CMS will provide a simple interface through which anyone can enter their information without causing any damage to the website's integrity.

The operating mode can be changed by the three check boxes in the top left corner of the setup screen.

1. Turns the design selection buttons on or off.

2. Sets Pure SEO-CMS in basic mode where the user can only change the content.

3. Sets advanced mode where structure and design of the website can also be changed.

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How to customise a template

Pure SEO-CMS will work with any template. You simply need to add our custom tags into your template using the insert tag button in the style editor. The program will automatically replace these tags with the correct text or function. This is just like any online content management system but much easier to achieve and with no need to set up a server.

There are tags to display text, pictures, functions, creating hot links and starting and finishing repeat routines etc.

Global and page tags allow you to create more advanced effects that are not easily possible with any other system e.g. changing background pictures or styles within each page or menu group.

Read through the following pages in this section for a more detailed description. You will also find examples of most of these codes within the standard template that is supplied with Pure SEO-CMS.

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go to top arrow Custom reseller versions of Pure SEO-CMS

Rebranded versions can be purchased where all feedback links point to your website and email addresses. These make powerful viral marketing tools as they will still make a 5 page website you can give away for FREE. Resellers also earn a generous commission from every copy they register and the bulk of the money is made from support and custom template design.

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