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Advanced features and structure of Pure SEO-CMS software

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Pure SEO CMS is template driven but every part of every page can be changed.

We hide the advanced features from general users but you can find them in the following places.

  • The project section in the setup page list all important files.
  • HTML template and stylesheets are as per any website except with our tags instead of text.
  • The default directory contains code files that control the way pictures, flash, columns etc are handled.
  • Complex codes can be embedded in any page by calling up files from the scripts directory.

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program structure

Summary of all custom tags

How to change the website's setup

How to position text in the web page

How to design menu layouts

How to link several websites together

How to auto sequence web pages

Other Custom TAGs

Spreadsheet to html or XML to HTML conversions

Photo Album Setup

How to change the template and stylesheets

Google sitemaps, user sitemaps and XML menus

Website Accessibility Features

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