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Pure SEO-CMS is a new type of website CMS

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Just like vintage cars the early websites were hand built. However, to compete online these days all of the best sites use website builders or CMS software. But like a Winnebago, most online systems are complicated to setup and maintain, risk hackers and need complex code to work.

Pure SEO CMS is different . As a free download it is simple, fast and creates light weight, fully optimized pages. It provides the quality of hand coding but has automated routines to complete the detail required to comply with modern website standards. Just like a stripped out racing car or organic food it is basic and easy to use, its pages are pure, safe and secure but it gives the best, outstanding performance.

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Pure SEO-CMS is different. It uses client side DB to HTML parsing technology to automatically create high quality, accessible websites. Just like having a full blogging server on your own PC but actually giving more power, speed, control, flexibility and security than a blog.

The Database is stored on your computer so is much more secure and easy to set up than an online database. The user automatically enters all of the website content into this via a simple, safe form.

The design templates are identical to any other template except instead of text they contain our custom tags. Very similar to a blogger template but with more options. Designs can be instantly changed because the content is 100% separate from the HTML. This approach is built around the new web standards, unlike WYSIWYG editors which aren't well suited to building modern websites.

When you build a Pure SEO-CMS site the program replaces the tags within the template with the text from the database. The real beauty are features that mean you only have to add one menu button and the program repeats this code as often as required, adding the hidden accessibility information as it goes, based on the text entered into the program. Search engine information and a range of other features are also automatically added, which saves a huge amount of time and creates a very high quality website.

The real pages Pure SEO-CMS generates tend to be much finely structured than by other techniques meaning they operate more quickly and with fewer problems. They will also work on any server or with any host.

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How DB to HTML works

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