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Add pictures or videos to your website

go to top arrow How to add a pictures to your website

picture controls

Use the Add Picture button or type the file name in the address bar.

You can also add Flash, videos, tables or custom scripts here. Add a description of the picture below the image to help the visually impaired.

go to top arrow Re-sizing pictures

resize module

A basic picture resize facility is built in although we recommend some good picture editing software which generally comes free with all digital cameras or you can use the free gimp software.

Also select whether you want ALL pictures aligned, right, left or alternating sides.

go to top arrow Adding pictures (with liniks) within the text

Extra pictures or movies can be added to different locations using the Add Extras toolbar.

Then add links around them like this live demo image live demo button

go to top arrow Adding extra custom features

Any features can be added to Pure SEO CMS. Either:-

  • Use the built in code generators
  • Ask a web designer to give you the codes to include

Examples are provided elsewhere in this tutorial.

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