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go to top arrow Chaning menu names

How can I change the URL in the actual name of the page, eg. menu3 into company profile


Not sure what you mean exactly.

Changing the menu namve is easy. Just rename it in the white box above the menu list.

You can change the page names e.g. company_profile.htm in the setup screen. Untick letter not name and an edit box will appear. click the edit box and a list on names will appear that you can change to give new page names to.

The page name will change the url itself so that all the links work.

Of course if you want to change the URL to something completely different e.g. a page that's not in the website you will have to modify the template and will need to understand html to do this.

go to top arrow drop down menus

I want to make the drop down menu items direct links rather than putting the links in a separate page. Example: When you hover over the tab called "Discussions," the drop-down items are

Discussion Forum



Desired action: When you select one, you go directly there.

Now, I have to create a page that "Discussions" links to and put the links there.

I tried changing the href tag in index.html from (In this case, "C1.html")to href="the URL of the Forum" but no joy. Suggestions?


The drop down menus are automatic and will only place the links in the order of the pages.

You can edit your own menu templates in the same way you can edit the page templates but the link order will remain.

However, most sites drop down menus are created with seperate Javascript menus often created using menu creation software. You can use this to create custom menus that link any number of sites or pages in any order. Just create the menu and place the code links in the template.

go to top arrow Adding another sub-level

Is there a way to add another sub level?



Yes and no.

You cannot do this in one project

However, you can start unlimited numbers of project and use the automatic multi-site menu system as to link them. This will also create google site maps for the complete website containing all of the different subsites.

basically you go to the setup screen >> project setup then select the part of larger site check. In the menu settings button that appears you just need to select the root directory of the main root site. This starts a menus folder in that directory and places the menus for each site in there. You can configure these with your own menu templates or add any menu code you want.

An example of this is but this is also part of a larger site in the same way.

go to top arrow Three questions

I am interested in knowing more about your software with a view to doing business together.

3 things:

a) Are you able to build "siloed" sites - i.e. use sub-directories

b) How do you make page names (i.e. not G1.htm but easy-to-use-cms.html)

c) Do you have a template that does the "Table Trick"


Yes all of these are easy.

Our partners program is at you can have your own fully rebraded version to give away and promote your own sales site. This pays good commission on anyone who upgrades.

a) we just build new web projects into sub-directories tocreate large but easy to control sites. In the setup - project setup - file you will see a make part of larger site button. That links all sites to one root folder and puts all of the menu in there. You can also automatically build google sitemaps for all of the subdomains.

b)Page names are also in the same screen. Just select the make page names not numbers and add your names in the edit box. Notice you have a second check box to stop the number 1 appearing. I like letters though as you tend to loose less pages and old links.

c) The table trick is only html which can be anything. I did not read this but it looked as though it should be CSS anyway. You should not use any tables for design. The new CSS grid feature is great.

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