How to write accessible websites

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How to write accessible websites

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Details about writing accessible websites

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I am building a website for the

visually impaired. It must

have accessibility built in.

Does your program have this, or

is there something special

I must do?

Thank you.

Also, if you know of a website builder that has accessbility built in, please advice me.


We have put a lot of effort into making Pure SEO CMS accessible.

The program itself is not very good because it's not web based and there are no real standards for executables.

The websites it creates are accessible. The real beauty is that it does all of the work for you by taking the text you type in and using it for hidden links. It takes so long adding this information manually that many web designers don't bother. Our program does most of it automatically so it is always done. Some links in the text will need to be added by hand but the text areas are provided for you.

Here is a full review of how we believe our program complies.

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