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Adding custom scripts or tags

go to top arrow Add flash and videos.

is there a way to add flash and videos. if yes, i need a video tutorials. thanks.


Yes there are examples here

This is not an issue of our software but really just using the correct html code. Your copy of flash should tell you that although we have included an example in our demo scripts folder. We recommend videos are delivered by flash as well.

The code can be embedded in the page or saved as a custom script file and loaded via the add extra button.

The video is here

go to top arrow More Custom Tags?

Can I add my own custom tags?

You can add any custom html tag. For php or asp includes or active controls etc.


You cannot add any of your own SEO CMS tags though. These are hard coded into the software.

Having said that if you come up with any good ideas for new tags then we will certainly consider adding them for everyone to use. Also the code generators can be written using standard MMF subapps. These could also be integrated with the program.

Another way is to add your custom script files into the scripts folder and just call them up in the template or page text. They will then built into the website at those positions. This is often better than just adding the javascript etc codes into the pages as the program automatically add line breaks etc to the main article text.

go to top arrow Code showing on website!

I do not know any code, so I will just paste what I am talking about, please help! This problem exists several times on the one page I have started work on(the homepage).

Group=A, Page=1, Para=1, Toggle=0, Welcome to DreamsandVisions! This is the website of Tom and Christie and will contain the main access to our internet activities.

Welcome to DreamsandVisions! This is the website of Tom and Christie and will contain the main access to our internet activities.

I see the new message about the new videos, and that's where I am headed now, thanks for your support.

Also, can anybody tell me what it costs to upgrade please?


This is probably because you have used one of the advanced example websites. These include examples of some of the more advanced tags that display the paragraph, group, toggle, page numbers etc.

This is done so that advanced designers can see how to make templates where the design can vary automatically on every page.

You do have to understand html to use or delete these codes so I suggest you just install another template design via the design selector and they should go away.

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