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Add PayPal buy in now buttons in your site

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Does this system offer me an easy way to set up e=commerce and shopping cart facilities?


We've not tried to compete with full shopping cart software as there are several good free ones.

However, getting customers into your shop is often more difficult than taking the money so using a SEO optimized cms site may be a better idea.

Also the approach to online shops has changed. We would never recommend holding customer card information as happened a few years ago and because people don't like entering information twice it is well worth considering an ecommerce gateway. These have improve greately in recent years and can be very simple to make a link to. Take PayPal for example. Just by embedding a small code you can convert any page into a secure shop. All ecommerce gateways have buy it now buttons or other advance code links so you don't actually need shopping software these days.

For one site we used an excel table to automatically generate a shop with several hundred paypal shop links. All generated within several minutes and easily updatable from the clients spreadsheet.

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