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go to top arrow How do I go about setting up hosting services

I am interested in developing a Pure SEO site for myself and for my clients. How do I go about setting up hosting services for myself and for each of my clients. How much will it cost? How can I get a free application of Pure SEO?


the free version is only available for single private sites.

Take out any professional hosting account and you can make money reselling the hosting to clients. Here is a link to a pro account that will be suitable.

Question 2

I already have a pro account. So, with the Pro version, I can create, let's say, websites for 20 different clients and have them purchase the website and hosting services from me?


Yes that's correct.

With a professional website hosting account like the one from the link above you can set up lots of different domain names.

This is one of the main ways web developers make money these days. You can buy bulk hosting for around £100 and sell hosting for each site at around the same. This repeats every year for every client and with minimal support if you write the sites yourself.

Pure seo cms sites will work on any hosting server although we'd recommend a proper ftp program to upload them.

go to top arrow What do you mean by re-branded?

Does that mean that I can put my company's name at the foot of the websites I build using your product?

Also, I am really interested in your product, but I'm afraid that your support desk will not be responsive to my needs as a new user.

Try dreamweaver. They don't have a support desk either.


Please use this discussion forum for support (thequestion was taken from an email.)

All paid versions only have a link on the last page.

the pro version will let you customise the page link.

The rebranded version has your link built in. You can give it away to anyone and their sites will have your link in. You also make money when people up upgrade.

go to top arrow giving page names not letters

Currently SEO CMS generates web pages are have a url in the format www.domainname/B1.htm

Is there a way of changing the domainname/B1 to domainname/pagename format.


I have discovered this is done in the settings section by unselecting the letter not name option

go to top arrow How can I have a web site with 2 languages?

I would like a web site available in two different languages. I would like to know if it is possible and how I can do that.

I saw in the section "More examples of what Pure SEO-CMS can do":

the example: "Linked site with this car show in English and Italian"

I would like something similar but with two languages choices and then one web site in french and the same one in english.

Thank you in advance,


There are a number of ways this can be done. The simplest way is to incorporate a translation plugin into you site such as Babel Fish see google babelfish

Alternatively you can create a sub domain (if allowed by your ISP), and create a duplicate of your site in the language of your choice, this sub domain can then be linked back to your web site

You can also create sub directories such as /fr /en /ge and build your language specific site within these directories. It is then easy to generate/link your sites via SEO CMS

If you are comfortable with coding you could also use Ajax and Javascript to dynamicaly populate your pages based on Language selection.

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