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Adding links or adsense

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Adding or removing links

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Hey - i am interested in this software however i have one question. . .

The "Quick, Simple, Free SEO CMS website builder and design software" LINK on the bottom of every page - Can i take that off? Otherwise i cant use your service for my business.



Yes the link comes off when you upgrade.

You can also change it to your own site in the setup section.

Of course if you purchase the full rebrand then every free one you give away will have your link in not ours.

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I've just started to use this tool and have a basic question.

How do I open a hyperlink in the same "frame". As it s now the new page overwrites the leftside menu,but I wan't it to be shown while the new webpage is shown to the right. BR / nisse


I guess you have found the auto code generator for creating hyperlinks. If you look at the commands in this feature you will see a drop down list box with open in current window or open in new window.

Just select the one you want.

Question 2

Hi, Thanks for the answer,

but what I really want is the new webpage to open in the same webbrowser,but not overwriting the left frame menu, home, contact etc. (Like the help documents are done in superblogging) regards / nisse


You need to design the site in frames for that but frames are really search engine unfriendlly so I would not recommend it.

There are no templates designed in frames but you will find examples elsewhere if you need them.

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Did anyone use AdSense with Pure CEO CMS website builder? If so, can you elaborate on that more, please.




Yes we do on many of our Pure SEO CMS sites. It basically funds the free version of the software.

Adding the google code is very easy, you just place it in the template file or in the text area.

The difficulty is generating enough traffic but the whole structure of the program is for optimizing how you create sites to achieve that.

go to top arrow How do I intregate ads on all my pages?

Hi, I'm all for being lazy and I will be lazier now when I found this incredible software, Pure SEO Cms!!.

Is it possible and how and what do I need to do to Intregate code like google adsense or clickbank ads on all my web pages?

All I want is to have the ads on same place at every page so I dont need to edit and insert code all the time.

Is this something I can do with ease?


You need to incorporate the ad code into your SEO CMS Template. The modification to the template is straight forward, but requires some knowledge of html.

Once the code is added to your template, every page generated by SEO CMS will include your ads.

If you dont want to play around with your template, simply call the code directly from SEO CMS using (!--@Script.scripts/yourscript.txt-s-)

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