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go to top arrow Importing templates

I would like to know if other templates can be imported into the software for use or do they have to be built within SEO CMS?


You can use any html template. even asp or php etc.

Basically all you have to do is take your existing html template or page and just replace the text or code include areas with our tags. The program will then replace our tags with your text and create every page.

You can use our templates as an example or start completely from scratch.

go to top arrow Adding your own design template

The software is great and I might upgrade after testing. I get no reply from forum? I changed templates and the software has blocked me reloading my textfile in the set up section have I done something wrong...Please help


You should be able to load your own templates. When you say blocked I assume you mean it won't let you load the file name into the templates section of setup. All I can suggest is that this is a windows permissions issue from where the template is saved. if you save it in another location it may work.

It may also be that you have passed the 30 day developer edition trial. Then you can only build one site and I don't think the template is locked but it may be. Early versions would revert to the standard template name but I thought that was removed in the later builds. You may need to upgrade to the latest free version or just save your template with the same name as the template currently called up. Then it will use your file not our standard.

Another option is that you can add files to the designselector. Just look where the current files lie in the default directory add your own folder with the same file types in.

go to top arrow Photo album width

I have a problem with the photo galleries and resizing the frame.

For example, if you look at (site removed as it's rude) and look at the gallery page.

As you can see the right hand side of the photo album overlaps the background frame.

Could you point me in the right direction how to change the values so that the album sit centrally to the underlying frame?


In the photo album generator click on the settings tab.

Then select the info and settings button. There you find a frame width setting.

The album generator uses iframes which place separate pages in for the album pictures. Each page is generated using a template_photoalbum.htm but the size is controled by the iframe placed in the page and this is defined by default\albumscript.txt in the default folder.

go to top arrow change header and design to the template


I mean its quite important to have your own touch on the templates and stuff.

So my question is simply where do I change header and design to the template?

Where do I do all the customizings that I can do to create my own little site without looking like everyones else.

I really wish there were some videos on this and I have looked but haven't found anything on the site.

Why dont you create some more videos, I gladly pay $50 for advanced videos

instead of showing how to add pages etc. I think you could make more

money and more upgrades, the stuff is covered but it seems like its just

covered in the way that you explain where to do it but not 'how to do it'

I guess you all assume that we are programmers and know how to do the

cusomization ourself??

I'm not a programmer or CODE guru so I had loved to see some video

examples on how to just change the template and the header with

some Copy & paste tactics, if you know what I mean?


I'm afraid we do assume that people either no nothing and just want to install finished templates or they understand html and can create their own anyway.

Our templates are very simple html and use lightweight, hand coded external CSS files. Just the way modern pages should be designed.

This is a big subject and there are already lots of great html and css training sites out there.

We have no plans to include this in any of our sites as it would probably only confuse people who don't code and think they might have to.

However, we do have a video explaining how to edit the html in our program. I recommend you take the template closest to your needs then just modify the code slowly until you get the design you want.


We also have a CSS design wizard that lets you create templates without any coding.

go to top arrow Sitemap template links


I have added the link to the side area but it is not showing in the can I add it to the sitemap...



There is a template for the sitemap in the same way there is for the main pages.

You can add your own links into the tempate and they will always show up.

You can also add them as external menu lists. Check out the support site for instructions but each pure seo cms site will create menu lists that can be embedded automatically in other sites if it is part of one larger site. You can use the same system to add your menus if you save the menu file in the same way.

go to top arrow Remove box

Hi...On my site if you highlight a link in the left column and click it a dotted line box appears around the link before the page loads...this box is overly large and overlaps text in the center area...How can I either shrink this dotted line box or even better eliminate it...



The menu text styles are controlled in the CSS style sheets. This feature is in the stylecolor.css sheet towards the bottom. You should see the text style there. The styletext.css sheet has some of the size controls but every page design is slightly different so you'll have to check where it is. The descriptions should be reasonable self explainitary but CSS design changes can be a pain.

go to top arrow deleted my site map

While editing my site, I accidentally deleted my site map. How can I restore or rebuild it?


It will be restored automatically next time you build the site.

All pages are created at each 'Build all'. They are created by the data for each page being placed within the template. There is a template for the pages, one for the sitemap and one for the xml google sitemap.

If you move or delete these templates then the pages will not be created so it's well worth backing them up, although page templates can be restored using the design selector the program does keep backups of the sitemap templates in the my website and program install directory that it should copy across if there is non available

go to top arrow Add Footer etc

Hi I was wondering if it was possible to add a bottom banner as a footer and also maybe a colapsable submenu system. And what would be the best template to use.


You can add whatever you want into the template or individual page.

The program simply places your text into a standard html page so provided you know the html you can do anything.

If you want a colapsable sub menu for the menus from within the program you have several options available. There are templates with automatic javascipt menus that can be placed anywhere. Or you could make your own javascript menu although this would not be updated by the program.

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