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Simply enter your text then press build. Download CMS Software

100% Free website CMS

Simply enter your text, press build and upload.

Unlimited number of websites. No adware or marketing apps.

No online database so fast, light weight pages.

Works on any hosting.

Now with Bootstrap4 templates

Simple add our tags into any bootstrap template.

Try our sample bootstrap templates or modify your own.

See our sample site for promoting energy saving, Engineering training simulations and Devon holiday castle rental

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Much faster than other website content management

This PC based DB to HTML website builder creates full CSS/HTML5 compliant websites.

Add content quickly with automated SEO, menus and accessiblity features.

Online database driven CMS, such as Joomla or Wordpress are complicated to set up, run more slowly and require expensive hosting.

Download this 100% FREE website builder

Why pay others when you can make your own site for free.

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Create hundreds of sites from one program.

We only make money from the advertising in our site and custom rebrands of the software.

What the Computer Press say

"a newer breed of client side CMS tools have come to the fore" .Net magazine

"There's no easier way to build a website", "isn't just for beginners" PCPlus

"The new generation of CMS", "can't be matched by other solutions"- PC Advisor

"a significant development" - said Colin Hayes, Author of Paperless Publishing by McGraw-Hill

Who will benefit with Pure SEO CMS

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  • 90% quicker than WYSIWYG editors.
  • Optimized hand code quality pages.
  • Instantly apply wide range of FREE template designs
  • Reliable, hacker free pages.
  • FREE code generators. Table, photo albums etc.
  • Safe mode for beginners; full html access for experts.
  • All menus, SEO, accessibility tags built automatically.
  • Unlimited number of sites from one install.
  • Preview website before release.
  • Content 100% separate from design.

This unique PC based website CMS is very easy to use or customise with your own design .

Technical reasons why Pure SEO CMS is better

  • Powerful PC based, DB to HTML parsing engine. Creates lots of real pages for upload rather than each page dynamically like an online database, more like a blogging server on your own PC.
  • Export to multiple formats incl. html, asp, php, rss, wap, rtf etc.
  • Database is local not online, giving all the advantages without the setup, security and maintainance issues.
  • Simple templates, like blogger, can be 100% customised.
  • Deliver complex scripts as embedded text files just like severside includes.
  • Fully automatic synchronised ftp.
  • Can be fully rebranded and given away/sold by any web company.

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Industry awards are all maximum 5 stars

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Is your site CSS compliant?

Web standards have changed. To be accessible and perform well your website must comply to modern standards.

Check your own website and stylesheet using these validation tools. Modern, high performance sites need experienced designers or modern design tools. WYSIWYG editors are too difficult for non experts to build compliant websites.

Apply any template to change the design

In safe mode the user can only change the content.

Pre-designed templates can be installed or the CSS wizard will allow you to create your own.

Expert developers can use their own templates and will build compliant web sites 90% quicker than with a WYSIWYG editor.

See some example sites

No server to set up

Pure SEO CMS gives the performance of an online CMS but with no complicated server to set up.

Online servers need specialist skills, they are less reliable and much more insecure than Pure SEO CMS sites.

Pure SEO CMS sites will work with any host, are backup up locally, can be previewed and checked before release and modified from anywhere in the world via VPN.

Pure SEO CMS is a PC based, DB to HTML website CMS that keeps the content completely separate from its html/xhtml code and uses powerful string parsing routines to insert this data in any way, and into any template you choose.

FREE code generators

Pure SEO CMS includes many powerful code generators. Just type in your content and it generates the website codes for:-

  • Tables from any spreadsheet
  • Design custom CSS compliant templates
  • Thumbnail driven photo albums
  • Bulleted lists
  • Interactive or timed slideshows
  • Scrolling text

More than just a blog

Pure SEO CMS is like having a blogging server on your own PC. Blogging is fine for private web journals but too limited for a business website as it lacks ownership . Pure SEO CMS overcomes these problems and delivers the simplicity of a blog but with more power than most websites.

Read our development blog with the latest tips and tricks

SME Website Rapid Application Development

Rapid application development tools (RAD) provide better quality programs for much less trouble and cost. Pure SEO CMS is the most effective rapid application development tool for SME websites to date.

Web designers will automatically win new clients

Web designers get their own fully re-branded client side blogging server software to promote their business. All links to will be replaced with links to your own website.

Further benefits over traditional solutions

Benefits compared to Blogging include:-

» Much more powerful with many more custom tags.

» Embed pages in any other site or run on any server.

» You own and can back up all code

Benefits compared to online Content Management solutions include:-

» Much, much quicker to setup and update.

» Will work on any server, with any page extension.

» More reliable and secure than an online database.

» More powerful and easy to use, PC based user interface.

» Includes spell checker and full site preview before release.

» Very flexible and can use any template and run part or all of a site.

» More cost effective than using even open source software.

Benefits compared to WYSIWYG editors include:-

» Up to 90% quicker when building large sites.

» Unskilled users can easily enter and update the content themselves.

» Automation routines allow impressive alternating graphic designs.

» Much easier to update a website to a completely new standard or design.

» Load tables from any spreadsheet.

» Easy to place advanced code files such as PayPal shop links etc.

Designing modern sites with any WYSIWYG editors is no longer possible for a beginner, nor practical for experts. Some people have switched to basic blogging or online content management but Pure SEO CMS's ability to turn the setup controls on or off means that everyone gets the benefit of its' power but non-techies will never damage the site. We are confident that once you try Straight2web you will also conclude that this approach has set a new standard for the future and understand why it is called Pure SEO CMS.

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