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Appreciate how easy Pure SEO CMS is to use and the benefits this instant website builder provides

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Just like vintage cars the early websites were hand build and not very sophisticated. These days professional developers require far better quality and performance so most use advanced site builders or CMS systems like Pure SEO CMS.

Get extra traffic with search engine optimization

Search engines like to see lots of well structured, good quality content that is regularly changed. This means that websites are often better maintained by content experts rather than IT professionals.

If you want to earn money from the search engines you need a tool like this .

Speed and simplicity

With Pure SEO CMS anyone can enter lots of well structured content very quickly and easily. This is one of the main reasons it generates much more website traffic from the search engines.

Easy to create a perfect website in only 5 minutes

All You have to do is:

  • Download and install the FREE program.
  • Replace the initial content by copying and pasting in your own text.
  • Press the Build All button and your site is finished.
  • Use the design selector to choose a design.

Safe and secure hosting

When you are happy with your website you can upload it to your website host.

Unlike online website builders Pure SEO CMS has basic pages with no complicated online database to setup and protect against hackers.

Many broadband suppliers provide you with free web space. If not we recommend is One and One or just contact us and we will support you through hosting on our servers. Whichever you choose you just need to enter your ftp address, username and password in the program and upload your files to the internet.

Increasing website performance

When your website is released we will support you with more than just the code.

Read about optimizing your site or talk to our experts for help with:-

  • Increasing website traffic.
  • Increasing visitor conversions.
  • Generating money from your site