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Now built with Bootsrap4

We've updated Pure SEO CMS to work with Bootstrap 4 templates .

Find the latest code and advice on the bootstrap website.

FREE (pre-bootstrap) templates

These templates are no longer supported with the latest software

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Get a unique, custom designed template

We have a network of designers who can produce a version of your existing website or create a brand new custom template to meet your exact requirements.

Contact us if you need a new template or would like to supply them to others. Typical custom designs prices are:-

Designs on a budget

A basic template with your logo and colours etc £100 to £250.

Unique designs to your requirements

We will work with you to find a design you like. Typical costs £500.

Advanced, fully featured designs

Complex designs with changing images, additional windows or interactivity. Let us suggest wothwhile features, perhaps around £750

Professional level support

Many companies benefit greatly from the power and low cost of Pure SEO CMS but often need additional features, extra training or guidance. This level of design and support typically costs £1000 to £1500 although we charge on an ongoing basis against actual work completed. Also we can probably recommend good support local to you.

Templates and stylesheets design wizard

Pure SEO CMS used to contain a range of pre-designed templates and stylesheets that can be applied to any website. It also contains a design wizard that will allow even absolute beginners to quickly customise a simple design layout and colour combination.

No programming skills are required to select a new page design, however, if you do have some basic html skills then Pure SEO CMS's template editor will also allow you to make further changes to the page layout. Skilled website designers can use their existing website templates and just add our custom tags that will place the text from program into their pages.