Website Hosting Options

You need somewhere to host your website for others to see

Other Websites

  1. Engineering Adventures
  2. FREE Website Builder
  3. Hydraulic Training
  4. Educational Science for Kids
  5. eMarketing tools
  6. Self Build CDs
  7. Ballroom Dancing lessons and game

What type of hosting do you need?

Any website hosting is fine.

Pure SEO CMS will create a website on your local PC so that you can check it before you upload.

You will need to upload it to a website host for others to see but the type of hosting is not important.

Free website hosting options

You may have free website hosting with their broadband, if not you can get it from this supplier.

Either way ask your host what your ftp address, username and password are then just enter them into Pure SEO CMS and press upload.

FREE software when you host with us

We will give you a free copy of Pure SEO CMS when you host with us.

Contact us for details

We will set everything up and make sure your SEO CMS website upload is working properly. If you don't fully understand what hosting would be appropriate for you or do not have the time to sort this out then simply contact us and we will arrange everything for you.

Low cost fully featured website hosting

If you want to control your own website hosting or just a domain name and email address then we currently recommend is One and One.