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  1. Engineering Adventures
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  3. Hydraulic Training
  4. Educational Science for Kids
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  7. Ballroom Dancing lessons and game

First released in 2003 it has had continuous development to make it a world leading product

CMS type

The core PC based, db to html technology has been driving some of the biggest web portals since the early days of the Internet but Pure SEO CMS has refined this approach for building high quality, business websites with the minimum effort.


The program comes in 4 versions. The basic version is free but includes 'produced using' links on each page, a single site only upgrade is $66 and the unlimited site developer edition $180. Both full versions give access to a range of free templates and the CSS design wizard .

Pure SEO CMS can also be re-braded for any other web design company as their own product. All links or mention of Pure SEO CMS are then removed.

Basic CMS operation

The program is PC based. Content is entered via a simple form and powerful code generators. Standard templates (similar to blogger) or custom designed templates control the look and layout of the site. Content is 100% separate from the design and the final site is created when the data is parsed into the templates.

Associated programs

Pure SEO CMS has a number of associated products. A CD content management program and newsletter sending software. Engineering Adventures Ltd also produce custom training and promotional software having developed their first retail CD in 1998. Engineering Adventures Ltd have worked closely with the educational game industry and is one of the leading business application developers using Multimedia Fusion.

Key user groups

1. People who only want to add content:-

Content is entered via a simple form and powerful code generators. In safe mode no design etc can be changed and the program only needs to be installed on the PC to start work.

2. Non skilled people who want to create their own design.

Free or low cost standard templates can be applied via a simple design selector. The integrated CSS design wizard will allow people to customize layouts and colours without any coding.

3. Experienced CSS designers:-

Any website template can be used by simply placing the Pure SEO CMS tags where the text needs to go. All codes that make up the finished pages can be changed. Pure SEO CMS saves significant time by automatically building the menus and hidden accessibility tags.

Benefits compared to WYSIWYG editors with client content editing features

Up to 90% quicker when building large sites.

Content is 100% separate from design

Automation routines allow impressive alternating graphic designs.

More effective CSS design engine for beginners and experts.

Powerful code generators including: Import tables from any spreadsheet or XML file, photo albums, scrolling text, slide shows, write with graphic text.

Benefits compared to Blogging include:-

Export to htm, .asp, .php, RSS, XHTML-MP, .rtf etc.

Builds full websites but still as easy as a blog.

Much easier to add other media types.

Upload as all or part of any website.

Ownership and back up of all code.

Benefits compared to online Content Management solutions include:-

Much quicker to setup and update. One program can run unlimited sites, therefore cheaper than open source software.

Will work on any server, with any page extension.

Free from open source hackers.

Quicker and more reliable static pages.

PC based operating system is more powerful and easier to use.

Includes spell checker and full site preview before release.

More flexible design templates.