.Net magazine, version 2.07e Dec 2005

A general review of the best CMS on the market today

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Superblogger are up front about standards compliance and emphasise CSS for layout

.Net admit that “most of the responsibility for making your CMS solutions mark-up and accessibility legislation compliant still fall to the developer”.

However, it singles out

“tools such as Pure SEO CMS's are up front about standards compliance and emphasise CSS for layout.”

a newer breed of client side CMS

The main review covers the benefits of CMS systems but tends to favour the large open source solutions. However it notes that these still require certain skills to install and offer many more facilities than most SMEs require.

In the final section it adds

“More recently a newer breed of client side CMS tools have come to the fore. Operating on your desktop, rather than a web server, there are some immediate advantages with this kind of setup. In hosting cost terms, all you have to pay for is plain, vanilla web space. You don't have to worry about quirky scripting support or whether your account has a specific PHP module installed. Desktop tools also tend to be more reliable, and easier to learn as well as use, with richer interfaces and fewer worries about browser compatibility.

On the other hand, there are licensing costs that need to be factored in. You can't buy one copy and use it on every machine that needs it - you need to buy a licence for each copy.

Macromedia's Contribute leads the charge here - a Dreamweaver compatible combination of web browser and intuitive page editor that anyone can get the hang of. Strictly speaking, Contribute is a content editor rather than a content manager. It has no tools for organising your data or archiving old content, but it is very easy for non-programming content providers to get the hang of. At around £115 with VAT on top. it's not a bad price either.

The power of full content management and desktop editing can be combined with a client-side database powered system. Pure SEO CMS (www.searchengineoptimizedcms.com) , for example, has more in common with server based CMS products - except that it runs on your desktop. Storing content in an MS Access database, you're able to reuse and repurpose content, as well as have full control over the look and feel of the site. With a one-off price of £99 a copy the package is cheap enough to distribute to clients so that they can update their own site, too.”

And under the screenshot image

"Pure SEO CMS's Pure SEO CMS software is as simple a description of content management as we can think of. The package can be re-branded for shipping to clients, so is ideal for small developers."