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Hand code quality from a high speed CMS

Reduce the time to create a website by up to 90%

Anyone who maintains a website will know that maintainability and upgradeability are two of the most important factors in the basic website design. However, WYSIWYG or text editors will never provide a quick way of building a website. Pure SEO CMS is different, it completely separates the content and design and was specifically developed to provide a very fast and simple way of entering or updating a website. The interface is very effective and as a result even experts will find that they can reduce the time to create a website by up to 90%. This is also greatly helped by the fact that the software is PC based and does need the user to be online. Therefore it is not restricted by the speed of connection or type of hosting.

Safe for beginners - full access for experts

Pure SEO CMS can be used a simple CMS for client to enter their own content because most of the clever stuff is hidden from basic users.

Experts get full access to every part of the code by simply changing the templates or default script files for each client.

Complex routines can be supplied as scripts just like any server side include.

Better W3C validation for cross browser compatibility

Another key reason why WYSIWYG editors will no longer widely used is the strong shift by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) to move away from using tables for layout and instead to concentrate on controlling the format and style of each website with CSS2 standard stylesheets. New types of editor such as Pure SEO CMS take full advantage of this powerful approach by completely separating the page content, layout and design. It is now possible to simply select a typical page layout (e.g. menu positions and text block positions) and then apply new backgrounds, colours or text fonts via the separate stylesheet. Done properly, very little information is provided within the html template itself and therefore very little time is spent designing it in a WYSIWYG editor. The primary design tool becomes Pure SEO CMS's stylesheet editor, although you will need a little CSS knowledge to change the background colours or company logo etc.

Simple custom template designs

Pure SEO CMS comes with a range of FREE template designs.

You can also add your own templates or modify ours with very little work. Just take an existing web page and replace your text with our custom tags. The title and summary lines are shown below.

script example

Here is a full list of custom tags

The design is controlled by standard CSS colour, text and layout stylesheets.

script example 2

Add any media or web2 scripts etc

Pure SEO CMS is designed to allow non-technical people to add any content type by simply clicking a button and selecting the file they require. Pictures, videos, flash, forms, tables or custom scripts can all be added by simply selecting the relevant media or text file.

Of course sometimes a web designer may need to supply the user with the custom code as a text file but the user only has to decide where they want to include it.

Pure SEO CMS also comes with several custom code generators that will create features like complex tables from Excel, photo slide shows or scrolling text etc. Advanced users can change to default settings for how each media is controlled e.g. the object embed codes or global table styles etc.

Accessibility is a legal requirement

It is a legal requirement that websites are accessible to people with disabilities. Many new features are included within html to assist people with visual and physical handicaps and every website should work well when played through a screen reader.

Adding this hidden information can take ages by hand but Pure SEO CMS automates these codes saving hours and ensuring that even inexperienced users create sites that perform.

Significantly reducing the time to upgrade your website

With the ever changing standards it is important to upgrade a website every couple of years e.g. keeping the content the same but reworking the code. And while the many online content management systems (CMS) happily solve the maintenance problem, they often complicate the work required for such an upgrade.

Using a WYSIWYG template makes upgrading a little easier but the text is never fully separated from the design and will still therefore require significant work.

Pure SEO CMS completely separates the content from the design which means that upgrading is a 30 second job and only requires the user to call up the latest template to completely transform the look of the whole site.

Generating extra search engine traffic

The most important feature all search engines looks for is lots of good quality content. Therefore the most important factor in generating worthwhile search engine traffic is providing a well structured, text rich website. This is what Pure SEO CMS does best. It guides even the most inexperienced user into creating a well structured page layout and automatically creates all of the hidden tags that search engines require. It makes it easy to add hundreds of pages for perhaps support or help information site that should catch and then direct new visitors to your main website.

Buy one, get as many as you like for free

A nice feature about Pure SEO CMS is that because it builds the site on your local PC, you can create and check any modifications before you release it to the world. Taking this further you can actually build as many sites as you wish using a single design template. This greatly extends the use of the Internet from simply showing a company's contact details to providing a website that pays for itself by providing a worthwhile and constantly changing information source.

Keeping the costs low

Costs are always important but considering most websites only consist of text and pictures on a computer screen, it is amazing that some cost as much as they do. Of course websites should maintain a consistent company image but to ensure that people know how to find their way around, it also makes sense to keep the layout very similar to other websites. And once a good standard website has been designed the software costs nothing extra to be used for as many websites as you want.

Pure SEO CMS takes this concept one step further because as a starting point it gives people a website based on the best design we can provide. Many professional quality designs are provided for free and these generally need only a few small stylesheet changes to provide a unique company image.

A further cost saving comes because like all WYSIWYG editors Pure SEO CMS is PC based and does not require the user to set up their own web server or use a particular type of hosting. Consequently users can purchase a full website content management solution from under £100.

Alternating design to reflect changing content

Virtually all websites contain a range of information, typically including the company offices, its products and support provided. The website's appearance, however, generally looks the same on each page of the site. Using an automated CMS system like Pure SEO CMS, we can easily include a series of tags that identify each menu group, page or text paragraph. This allows the designer to automatically change the graphics in each section or provide visual keys to show where the user is within the website.