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Easily manage your site content and create pages in minutes

Site content maintenance is a problem, especially in situations where you design a site for a client, or you've had a site designed for you. Very often you'll want to make minor alterations to the text, or perhaps the menu system on your pages. Therefore, bringing the designer back in is a bit of an extreme measure, especially since you'll probably pay several hundred quid for the privilege.

That's where Pure SEO CMS can help. This trial software is a simple solution which uses a form- based interface and a series of tabbed steps. These take you through the menu system and the pages of your Web site through to publication. This means that it can be used by absolutely anybody and if you're a designer, it could be useful to give to your clients as an extra service to ensure you don't get called out to add an extra sentence to one of their pages, for example.

You can embed items such as tables and create expandable XML menus in seconds.

How to create a quick site using Pure SEO CMS


First, we need to customise the menu system. Click a menu item to rename it. Sub-menu items will also appear. You'll see that you can use the Add Menu and the Shift buttons to add new menus and move the menu items about.


The Content screen is the most complex of the stages In Stralght2Web. Select your menu group name from the drop-down list box at the top-left corner of the page, and then alter the title text in the main pane of the window.


Virtually all the options open to you are constantly visible Now add to the article text below - here we've added some items to the Products menu group that people can browse through.


The sidebar enables you to select the page - you can assign more than one page to a menu group plus you can add and remove text boxes. You can also easily shift the text boxes up and back using the Shift buttons.


Now click the Build tab and you'll be able to ask Stralght2Web to generate your site. Simply push the Build All button on the top-left, You'll then see the application generating your pages. When the process has finished click the View Site button.


You'll now be able to see the pages Stralght2Web has created. Click on pages you altered to see how easily you can change the text and other items in the application.