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Websites now run by IT companies not Graphic Designers

A recent business survey showed that most medium to large companies maintain their own website content and about half also updated the design and structure themselves.

Website design has certainly changed from the early days when graphic design dominated and everybody thought the most important thing was to look good. Modern web standards are software based and the quality and detail required in every site makes it impractical to write each page by hand or build pages from sliced up images.

Free CMS packages mean every company can have a top quality website by simply installing some software and applying a suitable template. Certainly they will need some branding within the design but experience has shown that keeping the template design clear and simple will give better results, so providing a small logo may be the only input from a graphic designer.

Content will always be king and where the money should be spent. This will be the domain of the marketing or design departments but if companies do not already have good content or don't produce it themselves, then they probably don't need it in their website. Few companies are so design orientated that they can justify the extra complexity and expense of a custom website when modern CMS templates provide such flexible and impressive results.

It's clear that long term the vast majority of sites will be CMS based with different packages to suit each business. As pieces of software these are far more suited to being installed and maintained by IT professionals rather than graphic designers. It's therefore likely that the future of web design will shift to closer links with IT support than creative design.

Non-techies can create a website in a few minutes

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Pure SEO CMS needs no training or knowledge of how to design a website. It is quite simply the quickest and easiest way to write and maintain a website.

They say that the three most important things in every website are content, content and content; so Pure SEO CMS is designed to make it easy for anyone to include and update as much information as they want by simply:-

1. Entering text into boxes.

2. Clicking buttons to add, delete or move text blocks and pages.

3. Clicking buttons to add pictures.

4. Click one button to build and check the website.

5a. Upload the site to the Internet or

5b. Click one button and send the site to us to be produced.

Your first website should only take about ten minutes longer than the time it takes you to write the text. Updates can be made by anyone in a matter of minutes.

Experts can maintain websites more easily

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If you already run a website you will know that maintaining the information can be the hardest part. Pure SEO CMS automates the time consuming duties and by separating the content from the design you can completely update a site's appearance in seconds.

The new W3, CSS2 and accessibility standards mean that most people already need to completely redesign their websites and working with traditional WYSIWYG editors is just not effective any more. Because Straight2web is specifically designed to work with these new standards computer magazines are already talking about this being the way web designers will be working in the future.

Professional looking website designs

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Pure SEO CMS uses standard .htm templates which will allow you to give your website the exact look and feel you want . A unique template design can be produced by ourselves or any experienced graphic or web designer.

By removing the need for the website design company to enter the customer's text and then make the necessary alterations, Straight2web can significantly reduce the website design time and provide major cost savings to both the client and design agency. The customer also gets an updateable website solution for a fraction of the cost of a database driven site.

SEOs and marketing consultants will also find that Straight2web makes it quick and easy to optimise their clients content once the basic site is complete.

Easier for IT managers to control large, dynamic sites

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Company IT managers can keep everything under control by allowing departmental managers to use Pure SEO CMS to edit and maintain small sections of their website, as often as they wish.

A 'press release' or 'product update' section can be posted to a secure Intranet server where it can be reviewed by the whole company before being uploaded by the IT department and made available for the whole world to see.

In fact, Straight2web can be used to create a searchable Intranet knowledge base for staff and customers alike.

The IT department will keep control of all of the website design, codes and live data uploads.

No online databases are required so hosting costs are low, speeds are high and there is no risk from hackers getting into the online administration sections.

Many major portals are driven by secure DB to HTML technologies like Straight2web.

Save time writing your product information

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With Pure SEO CMS, managers only need write their product's information once .

The text is automatically exported to create a website but can also create a powerful company CD using our CD brochure software. This will also allow you to distribute sound, video, picture, text, .pdf, .ppt, .exe and .htm files as well.

Please also note that custom Pure SEO CMS applications can be provided to export the information from any existing databases into a website.

Saving money

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Because Pure SEO CMS provides and automated way of creating websites it is also the cheapest way.

Why not ask your website designers to make you a custom template so that you can use Pure SEO CMS to save you money on your next website update.

And when it all gets too easy

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Even though you have quickly written a professionally structured website that has been optimised to work with Google, you may still find that this is not attracting enough visitors.

To dramatically increase the traffic to your site you can also use some promotional software applications from our range of viral marketing tools.

Alternately contact us about optimising your keywords or other advise for getting your website to the top of every search engine.