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We still build feedback links into the pages but will supply rebranded versions if required.

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Google may warn you about potential viruses but this download is clean. We can't stop Google but there is an identical download they don't mind here

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Software upgrade notes

Version 3.0 has an XML data structure, multiple subsite linking and drop down menus. You must upgrade from versions 1 or 2.

Upgrades are free if you purchased in 2007 and half price if you purchase before 2007. Please contact us quoting your email address, program type and date of purchase.

Contribute resources

If people spend time promoting, creating resource for or even supporting our products then we are happy to give free software or rebrands in return. We can also change the back links to point to your website from your copy of the software.

If there is something you are particularly good at or would like to do then please let us know. All contributions will be considered and the more people we have involved the better the software will be. We are not open source but most of the resources it uses are. People contribute to Joomla etc because it's free and many make money selling templates etc. We will let contributors have a free copy (standard or rebrand) and hopefully benefit in more ways as well.

One key area is local agents who can promote the software in their country and who will then receive leads from enquiries off people in their country from us. In the UK we have developers who have used the software to make closer links with local business agencies for example.

Contact us if you think you've something to offer.

Self Starter Support Pack

This great value approach will ensure you build a top quality website with the minimum of fuss and have the ability to change it whenever you like.

You get the full software, a unique custom designed template and all the telephone or email support you need to solve the questions most people have when they create their first website.

Taking control of your own website can bring many advantages and this will give you the confidence to complete things quickly.

We do everything with our new affordable web site design service

Pure SEO CMS allows us to build top quality websites much quicker than by any other method.

Just send us your text and we will charge by the hour to build your website. Maximum value with minimum fuss.

Read more about our affordable web site build service

Just send us your content in digital or existing brochure format and we will quote you a fixed price for the work. For larger sites we can even offer this service at virtual secretary rates rather than experienced web designers.

Reseller partners

Pure SEO CMS can be rebranded with your company logo and contact details and given away as your product. All links are replaced with your website links. The resulting viral and back link effects can significantly increase traffic.

Partner versions get passed to potential new clients and will automatically feed their details back to you. You may also receive design referrals from us to people in your location who need extra services. Pure SEO CMS provides a competitive advantage when competing for new business.

Click here for more information on how to make additional money from every copy you install, plus supplying custom templates and training to your clients.

Alternately sign up for affiliate sales here.

Additional support services

Many customers want the low cost and performance that Pure SEO CMS provides but need additional support to ensure that their staff are adequately trained to get the most from the finished website. We are also happy to quote for the following service or recommend reseller partners local to you who should be able to provide training at your premises.

1. Training and support via email courses, onsite training, question and answer service or emergency repairs.

2. Search engine optimisation, copywriting or translation services.

3. Complete website design service just leaving you to enter the pictures and text.

4. Rich media add-ins such as Flash movies or custom JavaScript routines etc.

2. Website health check and suggestions whereby we analyse your existing site and offer suggestions for where it could be improved.

5. Domain names and hosting.

6. 'How to' advice.

Contact us for further details.

Further Terms and Conditions

All versions include a free copy of the new CSS generator to help users customise their own unique website design.

Purchasers also get access to free upgrades, additional designs, larger spell checker and no feedback links at the bottom of every page.

Charities, schools and some non profit clubs can have the full program for free if you ask. Everyone else who is using a free version of our software might like to make a small contribution to The Red Cross for our time and effort supplying it.

Please talk to us about multi-user license costs or reseller discounts.

We occasionally charge for upgrades but guarantee that purchasers will be able to upgrade their software for free for at least one year.

Refunds are given at the discretion of the management. We recommend you use the free trial to ensure the program is suitable before they buy.

Pure SEO CMS Lite is FREE for non commercial sites but will only build one web site and there is only a limited choice of free template. The Pure SEO CMS link at the bottom of each page must not be removed.

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