Reseller Partner Program

Make money, improve your service and win new clients

Other Websites

  1. Engineering Adventures
  2. FREE Website Builder
  3. Hydraulic Training
  4. Educational Science for Kids
  5. eMarketing tools
  6. Self Build CDs
  7. Ballroom Dancing lessons and game

Make money for no effort with your own Re-Branded version

Give away and sell your own re-branded Pure SEO CMS software.

  • All feedback links point to your site
  • Earn commission on every sale
  • Boost your website traffic
  • Generate new clients
  • Build one way back links with no effort
  • Add other affiliate links
  • Increase your services and company profile
  • First install affiliate links remain even if users install later versions
  • Every mention of removed
  • Fully automatic, no work required

Re-branding details that can be changed

  • Website address for the back links e.g. default
  • Your affiliate number. Sign up using our affiliate merchant
  • Your hosting sales site or affiliate link.
  • Email address to send enquires to
  • Link to extra templates for registered users
  • Link to extra designs for unregistered users
  • Text to be used in the feedback link
  • Support discussion forum
  • SEO advice site

All of the above can be changed or left as our sites e.g. we recommend the support forum and pro user templates remain.

Simply purchase via the our shop and send us this information. We will send you a full custom re-brand to give away and sell.

The lazy way to build lots back links and new clients

Just look at many of the biggest sites or software packages. They all give things away for free and only request a small back link in exchange.

Unfortunately creating something with enough value for people to use can take a long time so re-branding an already successful solution is a much better approach. Pure SEO CMS will generate thousands of sites each with their own custom back link. All you have to do is give it away from your site and leave others to do the work.

Check our position in Google for 'SEO CMS' or use a backlink analyser to predict the inward links this program has already generated from 1000 to 8000, depending on calculator.

Get a fully rebranded version for FREE

If your site is suitable to give away large numbers of downloads then you may be entitle to a full rebrand for free. We know what percentage of users will upgrade and therefore how much you and we will make.

Ask us if your site is suitable for a full free rebrand.

Re-branding Terms and Conditions

Reseller partners will receive a program identical to the str2web.exe download to be hosted on their servers. and remain the support sites with no links back to any other sales sites.

Sales commissions:-

Affiliates receive a 20% commission on all sales. The affiliate sales link will be built in to the re-brand. We retain the right to change our pricing and sales policy at any time. All resellers must abide by the same RRP and sell through our affiliate online store.

Resellers are permitted to:-

Make copies of the program available for free download from their own website or distribute by email or CD etc. Resellers can install the free version on clients PCs.

Write local press releases .

Advertising the program locally, nationally or internationally.

Rename the executable e.g. oursitebuilder.exe

Resellers are not permitted to:-

Submit versions to shareware or software download sites.

National or international press releases without prior consent in writing, although we would encourage this so consent is likely to be given.

Give away or discount unlocks codes.

Resell via affiliates.

Additional items:-

1. The first program installed will write coded links onto the computer so that later installs will still point people back to the original supplier's sites or services. A hidden update links button is provided to refresh if required.

2. Engineering Adventures Ltd reserve the right to release major program upgrades requiring new unlocks.


Support for all users will be provided via the online forum and Pure SEO CMS websites.

An example of why Pure SEO CMS works

One of our websites has been number 1 or 2 in Google for 'hydraulic training' for many with very little optimisation from ourselves. We've always beaten the many large companies who actually do provide this service. So how do we do it? Well we simply give away a free hydraulic training program and the most important e-magazines and hydraulic portals link to us from their premium pages.

More importantly we believe that the increased, relevant traffic the program generates is actually more beneficial than just a good search engine ranking. Ourselves and the hydraulic company who we produced the program for actually get lots of referrals/feedback from the program itself. We believe this ratio is around 70% of visitors come from program feedback 30% through our Google no1 status.

Everyone knows that referral marketing is an excellent way to get new business and this approach is the electronic equivalent. The aim is to get away from the website in order to send people back.

So as a website design company ourselves we combined the two requirements above and came up with an instant website program. This has already made its site very high in Google for phrases like "website design software" which is a massively competitive. The website software has the added benefit that every website the free version generates has a small feedback link built into every page.

Search engines always have and always will look for the best content. Pure SEO CMS is so easy to use that it allows people to add lots of their own, valuable content very easily. These become powerful sites and point back to anyone who rebrands Pure SEO CMS.

Just as importantly people who re-brand can give copies away and get the referral benefits that will lead to winning new clients without doing any work at all.