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Latest developments and offers for Pure SEO CMS and eLibrary CD Brochure Builder

go to top arrow More traffic, more customers and more sales

Building well structured, rich content sites is a basic requirement for increasing traffic from the search engines and Pure SEO CMS is the quickest and easiest way to build fully optimised sites.

go to top arrow Major upgrade to XML from Access

Pure SEO CMS now uses an all new XML database. It is more reliable has better features and automatic backups.

go to top arrow Automatic drop down menu generation

Now Pure SEO CMS makes drop down menus automatically.

go to top arrow It's now easy to add video

You can now add FLV video files in your site with ease.

All you need is VideoWebWizard to convert the videos and SEO CMS will load them into your website.

go to top arrow How to improve your websites performance

We've written several easy to follow guides for increasing your website's performance.

go to top arrow Linking bigger sites automatically

Pure SEO CMS will now automatically create and link menus from one site into another. This means you can links lots of web projects together, typically main sites and sub-sites within unlimited numbers of subdirectories.

go to top arrow eLibrary CD Brochure builder keeps getting better

Far from being replaced by websites the arrival of TV DVD players in every home and the much better quality and reliability that larger files can provide means that the use of CDs and DVDs is continuing to grow. It's much cheaper to supply information on CD than by paper and forcing direct access to your website will increase traffic and sales.

go to top arrow New shop on a CD

The eLibrary CD Brochure builder now comes with a free shop and many new features and improvements. We've also reduced the price to only £99 for a limited period.

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