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Our second newsletter from March 2005

Firstly we hope you like the new html newsletter format. This was created using Straight2web's new newsletter-template and distributed using our newsletter mailing software, which has a FREE trial here

go to top arrow Superblogging the next big thing?

Blogging is one of the Internet's latest crazes but those of you who have tried Straight2web as well will be aware of the blog's limitations. Looking at Straight2web's unique technology people have commented that it is just like a superblog, so that's what we have called it. Check out and be proud to claim you're a superblogger.

go to top arrow Upgrade to release 2.05g for FREE and get all the latest improvements

The 'Lite' version will remain FREE and because of the huge number of additions and improvements we recommend that cover CD users upgrade to this rather than keeping 1.06e. Backup your webtext.mdb file first and you can always re-install the magazine version if you need over 5 pages.

The CMS edition now has a simple system to select new designs and we regularly add new, free template downloads to our website.

The template editor in the full developer edition has the facility to automatically add Straight2web's custom tags into your own templates and therefore create new custom sites more easily.

All versions allow the new range of !--@XXToggle-- tags which can be used to alternate graphics or colours in the headings or menus.

go to top arrow Create your own Straight2web shop for free

Website shop technology has taken another leap forward and we now recommend users look at what can be achieved with the free PayPal shop. Commissions are relatively low, it is easy to set up and secure. Take a look at our own buy it now buttons at .

The BVAA site also includes many other advanced features such as automatic form filling and password protected members' only sections

go to top arrow Support Issues and Advice

For those of you who are not already aware, the web standards have changed so the way you design your websites must change to. Accessibility requirements are now law and require Straight2web version 2.01 or over to automatically complete the hidden tags in a correctly structured template.

There has been a problem that some users have not had access to the full program within the 30 day trial. This has now been corrected.

Also, our uninstall feedback tells us that many people just don't realize how Pure SEO CMS can do what they want. We do hide many of the advanced features so that unskilled users cannot change them by mistake. This is important but of course it makes it difficult for new, experienced users to find them as well. If you can't do something then please drop us an email or ask it in our discussion forum at http://www.pureseocms/forum

go to top arrow User site examples

In this newswire we focus on two sub £300 sites.

Many were happy with a slightly modified standard template and preferred to send us the content so we could build the site for them. Because straight2web is so fast we can do this very cost effectively.

Let us know if you have an interesting site or experience you think is worth a mention. A link from our website could significantly improve your Search engine ranking.

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