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One day only 50% discount on Superblogging web site content management software

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We also now offer a full FREE version which can build up to a 50 page site. Download the latest version to test all of the latest features.

More code generators for photo albums, columns and tables from excel etc.

More designs and templates including a free CSS design wizard.

More robust operating system.

go to top arrow Used by experts and beginners

Superblogging has a wide user base.

Beginners like it because it's the easiest way to build a modern CSS compliant site now that table layouts are not acceptable.

Experts like it because of its speed and simplicity. Most are switching from WYSIWYG editors to text editors and CMS solutions any many are choosing Superblogging in preference to the likes of Joomla and WordPress.

go to top arrow Improving search engine rankings

Many SEO specialists now recognise the major benefits Superblogging provides when trying to achieve good keyword placement in Google.

Optimisation features include:-

Powerful page structure.

Different title meta text for each page.

New customisable page names.

Build text rich sites quickly and cheaply.

Automatic sitemap generation.

Get your site listed in our free highlighted sites list.

Really boost your own site with a re-branded version of Superblogging that automatically generates links back to your site when you give it away.

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