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High performance websites should:-

Generate traffic from search engines

Retain visitor interest

Make visitors complete specific goals

If your site is not doing this then read on.

These days even a perfect website may not be good enough

So you've designed and released a perfect website but are not earning any money from it.

In reality two identical, perfectly structured and well written websites may generate completely different levels of traffic and sales.

This site will explain why some sites work better than others.

It's hard being a sales person if you can't speak

Think for a second about exactly what you are expecting your website to achieve.

Firstly being more important than any other website to the search engines and then being so well written that visitors get the desire to read about and buy your products or services.

Now imagine a sales person who could only show text and pictures and was not allowed to visit people but had to wait until they visit him. Just think how hard that would be.

Selling is always difficult but with such restricted tools your site will have to be more than perfect to make sure it succeeds.

Making the numbers work for you

Website design is very much a numbers game. A constant battle to get high numbers of specific people onto your website and then follow your desired goals.

In the same way we know that some sales people are better than others we also find that some website work better than others. Fortunately we can analyse and research every aspect of a website to find out why it works. Much turns out to be common sense but many results prove to be the opposite to what we first believe.

Important areas of website design

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