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go to top arrow Name change from Superblogging to Pure SEO CMS

The Superblogging name will no longer be used for our website CMS. It was ment to imply you could get a full website as easily as a blog but unfortunately this confused too many people.

We've also moved the development towards what it does best, which is create very powerful, search engine optimized sites, very quickly. The likes of Joomla etc may have more features but they are very slow to set up and don't give the pure SEO structure that is requried.

Therefore we've decided to drop the Superblogging name and concentrate on making it a 'Pure SEO CMS'.

We hope you don't mind.

go to top arrow Improved accessibility

Superblogging always used the heading from each paragraph to describe the pictures. This was quick and easy to do but not the best approach for people with poor vision who use screen readers. We've therefore added an extra text box to enter the description for each picture. When upgrading people will need to add new names.

go to top arrow Earn Money From Pure SEO CMS

Our affiliation and rebrand integration have been improved to give much more confidence that you will earn money and backlinks from copies of the free version you give away.

Read about our partner program

go to top arrow Better page compression

Bandwidth is always an issue for high traffic sites and the new compression features can reduce page size by as much as 20%.

go to top arrow XML, RSS and Search engine improvements

The XML generation has been improved for RSS feeds and a range of detail improvement for IE7 and Firefox compatibility.

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