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Welcome to our third hints and tips report, November 2005

go to top arrow Help and advice for people using our Superblogging or eLibrary software

You are receiving this because you asked to be kept informed of our latest developments and training information.

If this is no longer the case then please simply reply with the word remove in the subject line.

Superblogging is now at release 2.07h. Simply install the latest version to upgrade and access all the latest features. The 'Lite' version is still FREE and will let you create a five page site for no cost.

The eLibrary has recently had a major upgrade 3.00n with lots of new features and a much easier to use editor. Our aim, which we think we've achieved, was to create something similar to the Encyclopedia Britannica that was easy to add content in.

Upgrading to the latest versions is free but make sure you back things up just in case.

go to top arrow Latest improvements

Adding full spoken training has significantly helped people understand how to use the program and stopped the uninstall comments by people who could not work out how to use it.

A new --column3-- tag allows you to place the main pictures outside of the paragraphs to give more options with the page layouts.

The program layout has been improved to simplify usability.

Lots of other features have been added to make life easier. Every time we hear of a problem or request we try to add a solution, so please let us know if there is something you cannot do.

go to top arrow Sell online and get better website statistics

The free PayPal shop continues to be more widely used and makes it easy to include an online shop into any Superblogging site.

You should also check out Google's new and impressive free stats package at

go to top arrow More fantastic press review

Magazine editors continue to realize the exceptional power and potential that Superblogging delivers.

.Net and PC advisor recently recommended Straight2web in reviews of the best CMS packages in the world.

go to top arrow Superblogging - why the new name

Superblogging is our new generic name as this better describes how the software works. Straight2web is our sales name but the program is also sold by other web design company's with their names.

Consequently is the support site and our sales site

go to top arrow Latest site examples

To optimize usability, effectiveness and search engine performance one Superblogging program has allowed a company to create a comprehensive shop that is fed by several text rich information sites .

Check out two of our latest free template designs at Let us know if you have an interesting site or feature you think are worth a mention.

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