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Superblogging website content management design update

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You asked to be kept informed on the latest developments with our Superblogging software, installed from a magazine cover disc.

Superblogging's unique DB to HTML approach is now being increasingly seen as the most effective way to create modern, CSS and accessibility compliant websites and there is a strong move away from traditional WYSIWYG editors. Client side CMS is also much easier and more robust than online database solutions.

go to top arrow Recent improvements include:-

1. A free CSS template design wizard from with lots of new and easily customisable designs.

2. Instant photo album generator added.

3. Improvements to template designs including 3rd picture column layout.

4. A single website version is now available for only £37 ($66 USD)

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1. Create an instant, free shop by simply adding a PayPal buy it now button.

2. Monitor your site's performance with Google's new, free stats package at

For the latest information visit

go to top arrow Support issues

Superblogging is designed for two user groups.

1. People who have little PC knowledge and just want to enter the content into a website. All of the necessary buttons and controls are left clearly visible for people to do this. A little bewildering at first perhaps but very easier if you take it slowly.

2. Expert developer can change everything to do with any website. Superblogging uses lots of external text files to build up each page and many of these are hidden in the default directory so that user group 1 can't find them. Look at to find out what you can do.

Reading the feedback from people who have uninstalled the software it appears that registration has been the biggest concern. We have now made this easier (and turning off the talking tutor) but many people have been trying to register the lastest version of the software with the free code for the magazine cover disc version. This will not work as only the magazine version was free.

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