How to make money online

Starting your own web business has never been easier

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Learn how to make money online using this FREE website builder.

Follow our simple formula and start earning immediately, without any investment.

Where the money comes from

More advertising revenue is now spent online than is spent on TV adverts. Website owners are taking the biggest share of this advertising money, mostly through Google adwords but also the wide range of affiliate systems.

It's FREE and easy to tap into this income stream and the best approach is starting your own web site business from home.

Running a small website business may not make you rich, which is why the big companies find it so hard, but it will earn a worthwhile regular income that will grow as your site gets bigger. And all by adding simple adverts like below.

Follow these basic steps to make easy money online

Simply follow the steps below and you to could soon be earning a regular income online.

No IT knowledge or special skills are necessary.

Everyone is an expert on something

We all have interests or knowledge about something. Football, sewing, newts or even ancient history; the subject doesn't matter provided there are other people in the world who also find this interesting.

Your path to earning money from home are your interests and all you have to do is write about them.

Google pays website owners for the words they write

Google Adwords charges advertisers every time someone clicks on their adverts.

Google Adsense pays website owners when people click on the adverts displayed in their sites. It chooses the advert to display in each site based on the words that site contains.

Displaying Google adverts in your own site is easy and does not cost a penny. You simply add the code Google give you to get the following.

Choosing keywords for your site

Keywords are the words and phrases people type into the search engines. All you have to do is find keyword phrases that are typed in a lot but not included in other sites. With millions of keyword searches every day it is not too difficult to find a phrase that will bring regular visitors to your site. And regular income when they click on your adverts.

Identify the best keywords to use here

Build websites rather than a blog

Blogging has been a massive craze and is an accepted way to generate click through revenue. However, blogs are time based diaries that need to be constantly maintained, which can be a lot of work. It's far better to build an informative website that you can optimize and not Continuously update.

Pure SEO CMS is an ideal free website builder . It's fast, simple and creates fully optimized websites.

Measure your performance and income

Search engine optimization is more about researching and monitoring your website than trying to trick Google. You'll need to sign up to and to do this. Both are free.

Promote and market your site

All that's left to do is to let people know about your site. The internet is built on cross links and referral marketing so you just have to join in the fun and make friends online. We've included a full list of search engine marketing tips on this site .

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