Where do your visitors come from

Understand where your visitors come from and what they want

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New or retuning visitors are the most valuable part of your site

Without reliable traffic sources you will have NO online business

Identify each traffic source

You must know where your visitors come from and make sure you don't loose them to other sites.

New and returning visitors are the most important part of every site.

Understand and use each of the different traffic sources available

Traffic can come from three different sources:-

Direct Traffic

From people typing your site name into their browser. Perhaps after an advertising campaign or from reading company literature etc. Viral campaigns may also show up this way.

Referring Sites

Other websites that link to you. These links are vital as they are also important for search engines to find and rate your site.

Search Engines

People coming to you because of the text you put in your site.

Online Advertising

Adwords PPC (pay per click) is the most widely used but there is a wide range of paid online advertising options

Analyse your traffic sources

Understand whether traffic and buyers are local and whether they return regularly or only visit once.

Good analytics packages can identify how the people that purchased came to your site. If you know where your buyers come from then you can concentrate on their source rather than ones that don't buy.

Use this form to analyse and help understand your website visitors

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