How to write good sales copy

Understand the limitaion of text and pictures compared to a real live person

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The words are the most important part of every website. Write in the language of your customers and convice them your product or service is exactly what they are looking for.

Promote your unique selling point

Why is your product better than the rest.

Develope your own USP to explain why your offer is special.

For example using Pure SEO CMS will double the traffic of most sites.

Attention grabbing headlines

Use strong headlines that jump off the page.

Website visitors don't stay long so keep it brief and make the important points stand out.

So our headline could be GET MORE VISITORS

Sell the benefits not features

Instead of just saying Pure SEO CMS will double your traffic it's really the fact that it will generate more customers or sales that's important.

Making money is a benefit, the way it increases traffic is a feature.

Prove you are someone people can trust

The Internet is full of scams and con-men so make sure people know you are safe.

We quote the many great press reviews to demonstrate the quality of our products.

We also let people use a free version so that nothing is left to chance.

Guarantee its success

Hardened shoppers can be skeptical.

Give a solid guarantee that if it does not work you will get your money back.

We are confident enough to state that if traffic measures do not increase then we will refund the price of the software.

Offer a FREE bonus item

Go that extra mile, we all love a bargain.

The extra temptation can be all it takes.

We offer extra free templates and are always upgrading with the latest features for free.

Add a sense of urgency

Limited time offers or buy now special deals are a sure way of increasing sales.

We regularly offer special deals for short periods only or on key user group marketing.

Clear call to action

As always make it easy to buy.

A big button in bright colours should never be missed.

Easy contact information

People still like to talk to you before they buy.

Include a clear telephone number and contact form

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