Who will use your website

Know who you want to visit your site and what will attract them

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Write down the different types of people who will use your website and where you want them to go within the site

Know your customers

You must understand who your visitors are and what they want.

You should do this even before planning your keywords but ongoing research much be carried out to find out what type of people are using the site.

Split your visitors into groups

If you have different types of visitors it's important to split them into there respective groups as quickly as possible. You can then focus the different sales messages to each group.

Use highlight points to split visitor groups

The following are highlighting examples. It helps if graphics move to attract attention, either on their own or even better when the users interacts with each item.

However the only thing that should move on each page is the item you want visitors to see.

Visitor split example 1

Create two highlighted columns using the Pure SEO CMS, Auto Codes, Column generator.

Hightlighting text with borders makes people notice them more.

Visitor split example 2

To add this to your Pure SEO CMS project simply download and modify this sample script file

Visitor split example 3

To add this to your Pure SEO CMS project download and save these sample script files highlight-start and highlight-end in the scripts directory. Then add the following codes to your page and stylesheet

Sample code and style sheets

Visitor split option 4

Create a table using Pure SEO CMS table generator.

No example has been provided because tables are no longer the ideal solution, however, if you have lots of different options they can be the best way to present information clearly.

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