Understanding why people buy

How to get your website visitors to do what you want

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Every basic selling process consists of getting the customers:-





The sale person's mantra

The basic selling process generally requires the following actions:-


Fortunately the hardest part is number one but you've already got their attention if they're reading your website.

Ways to get people's interest

People notice:-

Put things where people look and remove all other distractions.

Use some attention grabbing words such as:-

Discover, Bargain, Announcing, Save etc

Ways to wet people's desires

There are three types of people; those who respond to words, visual images or feelings.

For people to buy you must offer to meet their needs or desires in a way they will respond to.

Give them the confidence to buy or scare them with horror stories if they don't.

Build on their subconscious feelings by tying your sales pitch into images or stories they already relate to; the plot of a well know film for example.

When trying to get your message across you must remember how limited pure text on a computer screen is. Remember the old teachers mantra of:-

You see - you forget
You hear - you remember
You do and you understand

Call to Action points

Probably the most important and difficult thing to do on any site is the call to action.

Getting each person to do what you want them to whether that's downloading a file, purchasing an item or just contacting you to find out more.

You cannot rely on people clicking on images, particularly if they don't look like buttons. A certain percentage will never find a link.

And don't expect people to follow too many links. A fourth click may loose and extra 25% of visitors for example.

Call to action technique 1

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Animated pictures get noticed because they move.

Call to action technique 2

Pure SEO CMS graphic text generator lets you write text in images to make things stand out21 images spelling make things stand outake things stand out

Call to action technique 3

Pure SEO CMS scrolling text generator ensures people will read what you want them to

Call to action technique 4

Moving Flash banners will attract people's attention and can include sound.

program demo

Add as a custom script in Pure SEO CMS or just as a movie provided the flash.txt file in the default directory is set correctly.

Call to action technique 5

Special offer stickers fixed on one place on the screen.

special offer

Adapt this code and add it as a script in Pure SEO CMS custom script directory.

Call to action technique 6

Add sound and/or video

We communicate better with sound and images so why not add videos.

Upgrade your Flash Player to version 8 or above to view this video!

It's simple to add lots of video with programs like VideoWebWizard

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