Sitemaps or JavaScript and XML menus

Options for automatically creating sitemaps and advanced menus

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Creating a website sitemap page

Pure SEO CMS can automatically create a single page with descriptive links to every other page of the website. This is commonly used as a website sitemap although the tags may also be embedded within a custom template to produce the a powerful index page for example.

Any combination or layout of the title, summary, author, or ref tags may be used to create the sitemap. Sitemaps also have a few of their own special commands and these can be found in the sample template that is provided with Pure SEO CMS.

Advanced menus can be automatically generated

Pure SEO CMS can automatically generate expandable menu trees. You can automatically generated a program that complies with the IMS eLearning standard.

We will also be adding some examples of a range of JavaScript expanding menus soon.

See the full list of available tags below

Full list of custom sitemap TAGs