Free blogging server on your own PC

Pure SEO CMS gives you a PC based blog server all of your own

Pure SEO CMS installs a powerful blogging server on your own PC. We are giving away a version that will create a five page website for FREE.

Simply download and run this file to install your own superblogging server.

A blogging server on your own PC

Even experts appreciate the speed of blogging but hold back for business websites because of it's limitation and lack of ownership. Pure SEO CMS uses similar parsing technology to bring the same benefits but its PC based engine gives significant extra power, flexibility and control.

Who will benefit?

Like blogging, both beginners and experts will gain. Content entry is fast and simple but secure access to all back end code makes for unrivalled customisation potential.

Built to the latest web standards

Pure SEO CMS is CSS compliant with 100% separation of content from design. Accessibility and search engine optimisation have been fundamental to its development.

Fast and simple content entry

Content is added via a simple form. Being PC based its speed, features and error correction mean it will out perform all online solutions. Complex codes or Web2.0 links are saved as external text files and called up wherever required.

One click design changes

Only one click to build the site; or open the design selector and click on a new template to update the design.

Auto code generators provide unique potential

Pure SEO CMS's range of code generators dramatically extends its effectiveness. These include:

  • CSS Design Wizard
  • Bullet List Generator
  • Table Generator creates html tables from any spreadsheet
  • NEW, Unique Graphic Text Generator
  • Photo Album Generator
  • Picture Slide Show Generator
  • Scrolling Text Generator

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